Photo Placement Tool

I have been a digital photographer since the days of the first digital camera, the Kodak dc40. Over the years I have used a variety of tools to create web pages from my images, my own ASPNET code, FrontPage, Light Room etc. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. This page describes a tool I wrote to do that to photo collection web pages.

PlacementToolInstall.msi *** If you need a database you can install Microsoft's free version of Sql Server Express 201 Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Express

First this is what the tool produces strict Html5/Css or Bootstrap Html5/Css files

or as a page link. ...or a Bootstrap example

First Design:

2nd Design

I would write the Application in c# and WPF, it would output both HTML5/CSS and MVC 5 files. The image and formating information would go into a database. I would use Microsoft's Entity Framework 6 code first. The database would be created if needed on a new machine. The Wpf Application and the MVC5 outputs would use the same Data Model. The plain HTM5/CSS output would not use the database. There would be pages to preview the formats/fonts in the wpf application.


The first version generated MV5 web sites but I found it was inapropriate as a tool, I removed that feature and find the current version usefull

The Main page

Formatting pages

Preview pages