The Grog eho was once a Orince


Once a witch named Eabeth

was walking in a swamp

When she sensed  a note of straying magic

Somewhere in the weeds and damp


Beyond it was a monstrous frog

Croaking out his call

from the very largest lily pad

in the pond of them all


She being curious

cast a simple spell

of tongues upon her self

and the frog as well


And Asked, “How come my fair froggy,

You’re up in some kind of knot

Made of someone’s silly old magic

I’d like to know what kind you got”


The frog spoke up said

I’m a prince enchanted to keep this form

by my families enemies from now

forever or so they’ve sworn


So then my darling princeling

Tell me tell me true

I suppose I’d have a fine grand reward

for freeing such as you


Nay do not get  your hope up

It wouldn’t be so grand

They’d find a way since your a witch

To slip it from your hands


In any case I like it here

The bugs taste awfully fine

And I’m a big frog fourteen stone

Folks here listen when I speak my mind


But don’t you miss your royal life

The wealth and Royal fame

I mean as a frog Yer got Yer warts

But that’s not quite the same


No it was not like that at all

That place was really a considerable pain

Dressing you up ways that made you faint

when you can’t even complain


Were not you destined to be king?

Waiting for all that power

Having only to say, Headsman

Take them now to the tower


You have’nt understand the politics

nothing is quite what you’d wish

Off to the tower goes the one you like best

You kiss the hated one full on the lips


But what of the princess you’d wed

What of the love and the flowers

The moon light strolls and the courtly dance

to fill your princely hours


I was promised at six to a maid far away

and the prudish queen made me take showers

but still I admit that’s the one thing I dream

while living away here in the bowers


I have the answer then Ye sexy young frog

Iv’e never lucky with love

and no court is needed to make a bit O sport

when the crescent moons high up above


Do so please, I see the plan

We could just make free

I wouldn’t need to be a prince

just to share good times with one like thee


She shifted him out of the green skin

and he was a handsome prince indeed

and they went quickly to her cottage

were mutual pleasures were received


But she caught him later with a gypsy lass

Both nude, so the stories told 

But that’s another fairy tale

Bout the prince being a toad


 written by Saul Scudder