Lepricon 2007  
Dragons Awaken

The Lepricon 32 SF Convention.  Mark Greenawalt did some bodypainting. Pagan was my model at the pool. two pages. thumbnails link to very large images, links to smaller images are below thumbnails

File Name: DSC01194.jpg   simages\DSC01194s.jpg
File Name: DSC01210.jpg  simages\DSC01210s.jpg
File Name: DSC01211.jpg simages\DSC01211s.jpg
File Name: DSC01212.jpg simages\DSC01212s.jpg
File Name: DSC01226.jpg simages\DSC01226s.jpg
File Name: DSC01229.jpg simages\DSC01229s.jpg
File Name: DSC01231.jpg simages\DSC01231s.jpg
File Name: DSC01232.jpg simages\DSC01232s.jpg
File Name: DSC01234.jpg simages\DSC01234s.jpg
File Name: DSC01235.jpg simages\DSC01235s.jpg
File Name: DSC01241.jpg simages\DSC01241s.jpg
File Name: DSC01249.jpg Nola was fan artist GOH  simages\DSC01249s.jpg
File Name: DSC01265.jpg Darkones anthem simages\DSC01265s.jpg
File Name: DSC01267.jpg simages\DSC01267s.jpg
File Name: DSC01268.jpg simages\DSC01268s.jpg
File Name: DSC01269.jpg
File Name: DSC01271.jpg Pagan simages\DSC01271s.jpg
File Name: DSC01273.jpg  simages\DSC01273s.jpg
File Name: DSC01276.jpg simages\DSC01276s.jpg
File Name: DSC01280.jpg simages\DSC01280s.jpg
File Name: DSC01286.jpg simages\DSC01286s.jpg