Dragons Awaken

Lepricon 2004

I took photos of a body-casting demo, then Laura and I got drunk.

Some materials for body casting are available at http://www.artstuf.com/body-casting-materials.html

model before Dental Alginate applied


Long hair is a don't (though Cholesterol for hair is supposed to be a work around)

A completed cast that was airbrushed after is in most of the images

180 degrees only no wrap around.

cotton is patted on to act as a binder for the next layer

The blue goop will shrivel without the cotton

second layer is medical plaster soaked 4 ply bandages

The plaster dries in 5 minutes, then the mold is removed quick and the real plaster or other casting fill is sloshed.

Never use use normal plaster it gets too hot and can cause burns