Legends of the light and dark


A clear pool in an Elvin glade

Trunks rising around it upward into boughs

Reflecting through the shadows of the afternoon

The sky and branches spread over quiet water


I think most hearts cry with fear and wonder

That they have been forsaken

While feelings listen after a moment

And consider if life has buried them


Often loves and hates grow untrimmed

And all days are doomed to failing

Ideas rise along the way

But become no more than feathers


In the afternoon sun the trees are still

And white lilies dot the water

Water gliders dash among the pads

Leaving ripples that scatter after


The wise ladies of the wood and I

Found moments to make love

No other time so perfect,

So close to being free


Afterwards ghastly wounds of war

Less glimpsed are muted and softened

And I wish that I could bear them less

For a few hours more or until I sleep


Paths donít abut the poolís edge

Only bushes and bits of bark from trees

†† Lie upon the moss and grass

†† On the sides close to the water


†† Frogs devour aquatic mites, watching

†† Those scoot about from sites near the bank

†† And carp often eat the frogs

†† Also watching but from beneath the lilies


†† For all my life I have ridden to war

†† And now every whisper stinks of death

†† I cannot see any more of lifeís horizons

Only forests of spears

††† While I am fixed as what I am

†† And I am grim and seem

†† As twisted and cruel as requirements

†† Show an answering need to be


††† Saul Scudder

†† December 2003