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It recedes


Sensation now a whisper,

A grasp of memory,

That shifts away so quickly

Asking to be called illusion

That I try myself for all in that instant.


Gimmicky, like a trick,

Where now I flail too soft a blow

And the misshapen world walks over

Someone unprepared

Who must spare his excuses?


And wonder why hope,

Seems slight and lone.


I am making love,

Or trying to do anything

And I wonder, if Iím past caring

If I must give in to evils past knowing

That would be just the same.


So I try out of kindness,

Kiss and say the things I mean

From my heart and my broken mind

Too cursed by someone painting

A dream of not being.


To do more than dream

In the company of strangers


This conflict unresolved,

Is past unending,

I hate uncertainty

And have some gifts

and Iím still here.


Perhaps, just to give my blessing,

To these so unfeeling

Its love and nothing else

Each bears their karmic burden

And all fates have an end.


truth whispers

with no sensation



Dr. Le-Ho 2002