FileTag -- A program for tagging files.

FileTag is a tool that creates and updates a local sqlite database that connects user created tags to Video, audio and picture file information. It's helpful in organizing collections of videos with non-descriptive filenames.

I.e. a tag "cosplay movie" could be linked in the database to a cosplay video file.

Filetag never modifys your file, just the database. The database filetag.db is created the first time FileTag runs.

FileTag is a Net Core 3.0 Desktop application, it is packaged as a self-contained set of files in a .zip, Download the zip file, unblock it in properties, unzip it into a directory, and execute FileTag.exe within. The .zip file is very large as the trim and single file features of self-contained net core 3.o applications are still a work in progress.


VideoLAN's LibVLC Library is used libvlc-nuget for the FileTags media player. Also see the VLC media player The video and audio player is included in filetag to help with deciding the tags to be linked to files.

Generating playlists of files tagged with tags the user selects is the main reason Filetag was written.

There are multiple choices in how tags may be used to create playlists.