Embrace of the night


Can you feel the wind take you

warm and swiftly rising

jerking with indecision

but reaching a strength beyond belief


Can you fell the caressing moons light

flooding into all small pockets of dark

that hide about your body

so cleaning illusion from your soul


Can you feel the pulse of life

meet the moon light that baths you

casts a crimson pool out in a glow

as your voice screams joy as now at last you know


How to dance, with the winds forever

What the wolves howl now and ever

Where to hunt for your own pleasure  

Ways of mist, of laughter and of treasure


As for mankind,  you thought was clever

Proud of his things such as ball and lever

a lost concern , you would not measure

our food  to us who are so  much better


What you know is a freedom that acquired

leaves no doubt  and gives inner fires

that rise unquenched  and ever higher

As one with the thirsts they sire